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  • Why choose us?
    Why choose Happily Ever After Wedding Films? We believe in crafting cinematic treasures that beautifully encapsulate the essence of your special day. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. Unlike others, we assign a minimum of two dedicated videographers to each wedding, ensuring that every precious moment is captured from multiple angles. Our exclusive policy of shooting only one wedding per day guarantees undivided attention and an unparalleled focus on your unique love story. We prioritize quality over quantity, refraining from spreading our team thin across multiple weddings. Our clients benefit from a fast turnaround, with the first enchanting highlight videos delivered within a week. We understand that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of turning those moments into timeless memories. Choose Happily Ever After Wedding Films for a cinematic journey that transcends expectations, where every frame tells the story of your love with passion, precision, and artistry. Your happily ever after begins with us.
  • Are 3 cinematographers too many?
    Absolutely not! In fact, having three cinematographers brings so many awesome benefits. This team approach lets us capture a bunch of different angles, ensuring your special day is documented in the most awesome way possible. It's like a stress-buster too, making the whole experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. We've heard of solo cinematographers missing big moments like the first kiss, having to do reenactments and all. Luckily, that wasn't us! We're all about reliability. Compared to photographers, we require more equipment and need to focus on more than just a single image per click. We need to consider audio, lighting that's not made by a flash, and large files that can take up to 1 to even 2 terabytes of storage per wedding.
  • Can we create custom packages?
    Yes we can, while we believe our packages provide everything you may need, we know you might have some ideas or requirments that we have not included. We are happy to work with you and create that perfect package to suit your wedding. Examples: multiple day weddings, longer form films, additional hours, additional cinematographers etc.
  • Can we meet up before the wedding?
    Yes, absolutely! It's important for us to meet and get to know eachother better. Go through all the details of your wedding day and make sure we understand your vision and you understand ours. We are happy to travel to you and meet in person or a video call, whatever works best for you.
  • Do we need to provide a meal?
    While not mandatory, it would be greatly appreciated. If there are nearby options for our crew to get food, they can manage their meals themselves. However, if the venue is situated where alternative food options are not readily available, then providing a meal would be essential. Keep in mind that our team will need some time to eat dinner, and if they must travel elsewhere for food, it may impact the filming schedule.
  • How long until we receive our film?
    We understand that time is of the essence and that you want to relive those magical moments while they are still fresh in your memories. That's why we ensure to complete the first 30sec - 1minute highlight video within the first week. We will send this video to you via digital transfer. After that it will take us a bit more time to edit your final 3-5 minute wedding film, we generally have everything completed within the month, though during peak season it could take max up to 2 months. For videos over 10 minutes, we aim to deliver within 2 months.
  • How will you be dressed on the day?
    We like to be comfortable while working. Usually, we wear “dress smart”, which ensures we blend in with your wedding guests, and so our presence is as non-intrusive as possible.
  • Do we receive a preview and can we make changes?
    Absolutely! You get one free revision. After that, additional major revisions may incur a cost. If additional revisions are something small such as removing a single shot or changing some text, we generally don't charge for something that small. We provide a link via Vimeo or YouTube for previews.
  • How will the wedding videographers work with our photographer?
    We recognize the equal significance of wedding photos and films. When working with your chosen photography team, we ensure seamless collaboration. If we haven't partnered with your photographer before, we'll connect with them a few days or weeks prior to your wedding to develop a cohesive game plan. It's a straightforward process!
  • Can we choose our own music for the edit?
    Yes, absolutely! We understand the importance of personalising your project, and music plays a significant role in creating the right atmosphere. Share your preferences with us we are more than happy to work with your chosen track to ensure the final edit aligns perfectly with your vision.
  • Are there any travel fees?
    We measure the distance of travel from both Melbourne and Geelong CBD depending on which side of town the wedding will be held. Within 45km of either CBD transport is included, we charge a travel fee per km further than 45km from Melbourne or Geelong CBD.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes! We have public liability insurance.
  • Do we supply raw footage?
    We believe in delivering a cinematic experience and are committed to delivering a finished product that reflects the beauty and emotion of your wedding day. Our team of highly skilled professionals invest weeks in the meticulous process of editing, colour grading and audio engineering to ensure a stunning and polished finish. While we understand the desire for raw footage, it's essential to note that our shooting style involves using a flat picture profile. This means that the initial footage out of camera may appear semi-monochromatic and lacks the vibrant colours you'd expect in the final film. It's for this reason we do not supply raw footage. Your satisfaction is our priority and we're here to ensure that your wedding film becomes a timeless work of art. Should you specifically require raw footage, we can discuss this option, albeit with an additional charge.
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